NEST71 is a shared office space located within HUB387 created for experienced and ambitious IT entepreneurs. It is ultimate destination for IT professionals. For those who seek community-style office space NEST71 is the place to meet and collaborate with similar minded people from industry.

It provides collaborative and creative atmosphere to foster new projects and new ideas, inovation and modern creative process for new emerging businesses. It embraces new style of work called coworking.


What's on the table?

We designed NEST71 to be an amazing place to work at and to impress your clients. All of the interior has been crafted to be collaborative and spacey!

Inspiring Interior

Amazing People

We hand pick members who can join NEST71, which gives you the guarantee that you'll be surrounded by the best, brightest and most fun people in the industry!

Environment for Success

NEST71 fits both the meticulous businessman and the freedom-loving entrepreneurs.


All of the NEST71 ideas, designs and execution started in local minds. We strive to grow and improve our local community and services. We love you if you do so too.

We take security and safety seriously. You have a number of options to stash your stuff, and the space itself is monitored and secured by professionals.

Safety & Security

Great Location

Enough parking space, recreational facilities, a number of good restaurants and peace– all of these make our location a really great choice for your working habits.

What about pricing?

Join NEST71

Trying to find the perfect co-working space for yourself or your company? Join our Community which will inspire, connect, and enable you to develop your best work every step of the way. 

For questions use the contact form below

or call us at +387 33 941 261

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COWORKING         OFFERING         JOIN         PRICING         LOCATIOn (HUB387)

monhtly contract

from 225KM to 299KM
Dedicated Chair + Table

Dedicated Chair + Table


Daily drop-in

Dedicated Space +
1h use of Conference Room

Undedicated Space


We consider security within the space to be of the utmost importance. We use video monitoring at all locations. Only members with entry cards and anticipated guests have access to the space. During regular hours the front desk is always staffed to keep an eye on security. At all other times we monitor who comes and goes through our video surveillance system. For members who need to store valuables, personal lockers are available. However we do recommend that members insure their belongings and backup their data.


Yes you can! Flexibility is one of our key priorities. You can sign up for a one month trial and test drive any of our membership options. Furthermore, if you discover after the first couple of days of signing up for a membership that NEST71 is not for you, we will refund your money.

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